ON Grid Solutions

We Offer ON GRID solar power solutions from 1 kW as per customer needs, this solutions mainly suitable for building utilizing power in the day time. This is also suitable solution to export solar power to grid hence it is also called as Grid tie system. It is suitable for all buildings such as domestic, educational institutions, offices, commercial buildings, Agriculture etc. Initial investment is less hence return on investment is in lesser duration.

An on-grid or grid-tie solar photovoltaic system will not generate power during nighttime you can draw current from your utility source or electrical service provider. In this grid tie system preference is given to solar power, hence you pay only for the amount of electricity you consume from the grid.

Grid-tie solar systems use inverters with anti-islanding feature to meet the requirements of the Electrical Service provider and must not emit noise that can interfere with electrical devices such as reception for television and must retain acceptable levels of harmonic distortion for quality of voltage and current output waveforms.

On-grid solar systems are advantageous as the electricity not utilized by the owner during the day and any surplus is supplied to the grid, you gain credits from electrical service provider and during the evenings, when solar electricity is not generated, electricity is drawn from the grid is compensated with the credits you have earned. Since the grid is acting as alternative source whenever the solar power is not generated this avoids the need for costly battery banks.

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ON Grid Solutions
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